lundi 22 septembre 2008


New !
01 DAVIS COEN “Jack of diamonds” CD Blues lights for yours and mine Soundview P2008
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02 TRAVIS “Moonchild” HARRIS: “Word a lie” CD Daylight at midnight Earwig P2008
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03 BOO BOO DAVIS: “Dirty Dog” CD Name of the game P2008
04 LURRIE BELL: “My dog can bark” let’s talk about love CD Aria 2007
05 RUFUS THOMAS: Somebody stole my dog SP Stax 149 P 1964
06 ARNO: Mirza CD Covers cocktail Delabel P2008
07 ROY BROWN : “Lolly pop mama” Sp De Luxe 1093 P 1947
08 ROY BYRD (PROFESSOR LONGHAIR) « Bald Head » Sp Mercury 8175 P1950
09 FATS DOMINO: “Hey La bas boogie” Sp Imperial 5085 P1950
10 HUEY SMITH & his CLOWNS: “Free, single & disengaged” Sp Ace 538 P1957
11 EDDIE BO: “I found a little girl” Sp At Last 1006 P1963
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12 HENRI BUTTLER: “Let em roll” CD Pianola live Basin street P2008
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13 RY COODER: “I Flathed” CD Warner P2008
14 SCOTT ELLISON: “Big blue Car” Ice Storm Earwig P 2008
15 RJ MISCHO “Courtin’ in a Cadillac“ West wind blowin City Hall P 1999

R.I.P. JERRY REED 20/03/37 – 01/09/2008
16 Jerry Reed “Rockin in Bagdad” Sp Capitol 538 P1957
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17 HOLLYWOOD FATS& the PALADINS : “Hideaway” CD Live 1985 TOP CAT P 2008

mardi 2 septembre 2008

surfinbird 17 septembre

Surfinbird back on the air september 17

Surfinbird playlist 17 septembre 2008

JOHN MAYALL French Tour october 2008

01 John Mayall: “Crocodile walk” Sp Decca 12120 P 1965

02 John Mayall: “All your love” LP Bluesbrakers with Eric Clapton P 1966
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03 John Mayall: “ Oh pretty wowan” LP Crusade P 1967
04 John Mayall: “ Walkin on sunset “ LP Blues from Laurel Canyon P 1968


05 Sweet Suzi & the Blues Experience : « Shadow » CD Unbroken P 2008

If you've ever wondered what "New York blues" is all about, this is "IT"! The tough, “take that!” attitude of this band is addictive. Fronted by powerhouse vocalist, "Sweet" Suzi Smith, this band is known for its energetic and riveting live performances. Suzi's, sultry, yet powerful vocals are backed by a band of extremely soulful musicians, John Anderson (guitar), Chris "Chrispy Chicken" Laybourne (sax & keys), Tim Glum (bass) & Tom Foschino (drums). The band pulls from their roots in blues, funk, rock and jazz, which when fused together, form the complete blues experience.
06 Martia Ball: “Party town” CD Peace love & BBQ Alligator P 2008
07 Liz Mandeville : « Hold me » CD Red Top Earwig P2008
Liz Mandville Greeson is one of the few female singers on the Chicago blues scene who has actively maintained a working band for over two decades. Starting in 1983, when Liz formed her seminal Soul.R&B band, The Supernaturals, Liz has booked, promoted and toured with her own band with remarkable consistency.
After a 5 year break, Liz Mandeville is back on the Earwig Muisc Co label with a swingin' new CD. RED TOP features 15 original songs with traditional 12 bars & funky soul numbers representing Liz's diverse musical influences & boundless good humor.

08 Gaye Adegbalol: “It hurts me to" CD Gaye without shame” Hot Toddy P2008

JERRY WEXLER Tribute (10/01/1917 - 15/08/2008)

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09 The Drifters: “Money Honey” Atlantic 1006 P 1953
10 Joe Turner: “Shake Rattle and Roll" Atlantic 1026 P1954
11 Lavern Baker: “Tweedlee Dee" Atlantic 1047 P1955
12 Ray Charles: “ I’ve got a woman" Atlantic 1050 P1955

ISAAC HAYES Tribute (20/08/1942 - 10/08/2008)

13 Sam & Dave: “Hold on I’m coming” Stax 180 P1966
14 Carla Thomas: “Baby” Stax 195 P1966
15 Isaac Hayes: "Walk on by" Enterprise 9003 P 1969

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16 Isaac Hayes: "Theme from Shaft" Enterprise 9038 P1971

17 CHRIS JAMES & PATRICK RYNN: Hawaiian Boggie CD Earwig P2008

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