jeudi 29 janvier 2009



01 Mississippi Shakedown : « Rock and Roll » CD The blues live here P.2008
02 Del Moroccos: “Skinny Jimmy” Blue Black Hair” Histyle. P.2008
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03 Blues Power Band: “The Missing” CD Zee P.2009
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04 Cadillac King: “Too blues” CD Trouble in store (new note) P.2008
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05 Delaney & Bonnie: “Miss Ann” Sp Atco 103 194 P.1970
RIP Delaney Bramlett (01/07/1939-20/12/2008)
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06 Mike Sanchez: “You better dig it” CD You better dig it – Doopin’ P.2008
07 Mike Sanchez : “Heebie Jeebie” CD You better dig it – Doopin’ P.2008
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08 Mike Sanchez: “Lipstick trace” CD You better dig it - Doopin’ P.2008
09 Mike Sanchez: « Tallahasse Lassie » CD You better dig it – Doopin’ P.2008
10 Freddy Cannon: “Tallahassee Lassie” SP Swan 4031 P 1959
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11 Long Chris et les Daltons: « Talhassie Lassie » EP Philips 432818 P.1962
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12 Jerry Lee Lewis with Delaney Bramlett: “Lost highway” Last man standing Naive P2006
13 Popa Chubby with Galea : « Race with the Devil » CD Vicious Country –Dixiefrog P2008
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14 Popa Chubby with Galea : “Sam lay’s Pistol” CD Vicious country - Dixiefrog P.2008
15 Moon Mullican: “Rheumatism boogie” Sp King 1198 P.1953
16 Creedence Clearwater Revival: “Bad Moon rising” Sp Fantasy 622 P.1969
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17 Blues Power Band: “Riding with Jane” CD Zee P.2009
18 The Stooges: “1969” LP The Stooges Elektra P.1969
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RIP Ron Asheton (17/07/1948-06/01/2009)

mercredi 21 janvier 2009



En complément à la Saga de Richard Berry paru dans Blues magazine N°51 janvier 2009
Surfinbird vous propose un spécial RICHARD BERRY
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01 The Kingsmen: “Louie Louie” Wand 143 P.1963
02 Richard Berry: “Louie Louie” Flip 321 P.1957
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03 The Flairs: “She wants to rock” : Flair 1012 P.1953
04 The Robins with Richard Berry: “Riot in cell block N°9” Spark 103 P.1954
05 Richard Berry: “The Big Break” Flair 1055 P.1954
06 Etta James With Richard Berry: “The Walflower (roll with me Henri)” Modern 947 P.1954
07 Richard Berry & the Dreamers: “Daddy daddy” Flair 1058 P.1955
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08 Richard Berry & the Crowns : “Get Out Of the Car” Flair 1064 P.1955
09 Richard Berry; “Nex time” Flair 1071 P1955
10 Richard Berry: “Crazy lover” Flair 1071 P.1955
11 Richard Berry: Yama Yama Pretty Mama RPM 465 P.1956
12 Richard Berry:”Mad about you” (50’s unissued) cd Ace 355 P.1992
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13 The Pharaohs featuring Rickey: “The Watusi” Class 202 P.1956
14 Rockin Robin Roberts: « Louie Louie » Etiquette ET1 P.1961
15 Richard Berry & The Pharaohs: “Rock Rock Rock” Flip 321 P.1957
16 Richard Berry: “Sweet Sugar You” Flip 327 P.1957
17 Richard Berry & the Lockettes : “Heaven on wheels” Flip 336 P.1958
18 Richard Berry & thePharaohs: “Have love will travel” Flip 349 P.1959
19 Richard Berry: “Tell me why” (60’s unissued) CD Ace 977 P.2004
20 Mike & the Bonds:”Louis Louis” (1965) cd groupes rock alsaciens Charly P.1996
21 Richard Berry & The Soul Searchers: “Wild Berry” LP Live from Hover Century Rest. P 1969
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jeudi 15 janvier 2009


Best of blues français 2008

Frenchy but bluesy

01 Big Dez : « You can smile » CD You can smile (Why note)
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02 Cadijo : « J’suis pas pressé » CD Grandir (Vocation)
03 Chris the cat : « National 7 » CD Eentre vaudou et vin doux (Autop.)
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04 Lonj : « Let it flow » CD I fount out (autop.)
05 Eric Ter: “Free ride” CD Chance (Bluesiac)
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06 Dick Annegarn : « D’abord un verre » CD Soleil du soir (Tôt ou tard)
07 Jean Chartron : « La croisé des chemins » CD Blues bleus (Dixiefrog )
08 Yellow Dogs : « Black car boogie » CD Step the gaz (Autop.)
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09 Mojo Hand : “It’s a low down dirty deal” CD démo
10 Richard Koechli: “My slide is crying” Laid back CD (Ama)
11 Bobby Dirninger: “Strange Attitude” CD In the end (Mosaic)
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12 Phillippe Ménard : « Shanghai blues » CD Shanghai blues (autop.)
13 Bill Deraime : « Encore bouger» CD Bouge encore (Mosaïc
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14 Gaz : « Magic Mountain » Oriental blues (O’Kiss)
15 Roland Tchakounté : « Alela » Waka (BCA)
16 Blues Power Band: “What’s up buddy ?” CD Zee ( Why note)
17 Blues Power Band: “Got a new truck” CD Zee (Why note)
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jeudi 8 janvier 2009




01 Maxine Brown: “You upset my soul” Wand 162 P.1964
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02 Little Esther Phillips: “Mojo Hannah” Atlantic 2223 P.1964
03 Clydie King: “Shing a ling” Minit 32032 P.1967
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04 Irma Thomas: Cheater Man Chess P 1967
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05 Aretha Frankin: Baby I love you Atlantic 2427 P.1967
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06 Linda Jones: “I can stop loving you” Loma 2070 P 1967
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07 Betty Harris: Ride your pony Sansou 480 P 1968
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08 Mary Wells: “Soul train” LP Servin’ up some soul Jubillee P.1968
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09 Betty Bipps “Pounds of love” unissued kent 1968 CD Funk Soul Sisters
10 Tina Britt: “Sookie sookie” LP Blue All The Way Minit P.1968
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11 Candy Staton: “I’m just a prisoner” Fame 1460 P1969 cd Honest Jons
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12 Betty Swann : “Stand by your man” LP Capitol P.1969 CD Honest Jons
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13 Linda Carr: “I feel love comin’ on” Ranwood 806 P 1969
14 Carla Thomas: “Unylielding” LP Memphis queen Stax P1969
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15 Little Anne : “Lean Lanky Daddy” ? CD Dave Hamilton’s Detroit Dancers
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16Marie Queenie Lyons:”Your key don’t fit it anymore” Soul Fever Deluxe records P.1970
17 Betty Davis: “Your man my man” LP Betty Davis P1973
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18 Nicole Willis & Soul Investigators: “My four leaf clover” CD Keep reachin’ up P 2007
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19 Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings: “100 days 100 nights” CD Daptone P.2007
29 Mavis Staples: “This little light (live)” CD Live: Hope at the Hideout Anti P.2008