mercredi 23 septembre 2009

SURFINBIRD N°108 Septembre 23

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SURFINBIRD N°108 Septembre 23


01 CALVIN RUSSELL : « Like a Revolution » (Dawg Eat Dawg) XIII BIS Records 2009
02 J0E LOUIS WALKER: “Eyes like cat” (Between a Rock And The Blues ) Dixiefrog 2009
03 MARIE KNIGHT: “12 Gates” (Let Us Get Together) Dixiefrog 2007
04 MARIE KNIGHT: “I tought I told not to tell him” Baton 253 P1958
05 ERIC HOVEY: “Sweet fire rain” (Recycled Souls) Autoproduction P.2009
06 ERIC HOVEY: “Soda pop girl” (Blues Farm) Autoproduction P.2009
08 WOODBRAIN: “Shake em down” (Swimming in Turpentine) Yellox Dog P.2009
09 PHILIP SAYCE: “One foot in the grave” (Peace Machine) Provogue P.2005/09
10 DAVE RILEY & BOB CORRITORE: “The things you do” (Lucky To Be Living) Blue Witch P 2009
11 NASTY NED: “Money can’t buy you” (Roots 52) American Roots
12 PURA FE: Red, black and blues’ (Full Moon Rising) Dixiefrog P.2009
13 DENNIS JONES: “Hot sauce” (Pleasure & Pain) Blue Rock P.2009
14 BILLY LEE RILEY: Flyin saucers rock and roll” Sun 260 P1957
15 BILLY LEE RILEY: Baby please don’t go Sun 289 P.1958
16 LES LIONCEAUX: “La fille qui me plaît” (Rock’N’Country) Autoproduction P.2009
17 CHAN ROMERO : « Hippy hippy shake » Del Fi 4119 P.1959
18 CALVIN RUSSELL: Texas blues again (Dawg Eat Dawg) XIII Bis Records P.2009

lundi 14 septembre 2009

SURFINBIRD N° 107 Tribute to Willy DeVille

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27/08/1953 - 06/08/2009

01 Mink DeVille : « Cadillac Walk » (Cabretta) Capitol P.1977
02 Mink DeVille : « Soul twist » (Return to Magenta) Capitol P 1978
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03 Mink DeVille: “Bad Boy” (Le Chat Bleu) Capitol P 1980
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04 Mink DeVille: “You better move on” (Coup de grâce) Atlantic P.1981
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05 Mink DeVille : « Demasiado corazon” (Where angels fear to tread) Atlantic 1983
06 Mink DeVille: ”Little by little” (Sportin’ life) Polydor P.1985
07 Willy DeVille: “Could you, would you?” (Miracle) A&M P.1987
08 Willy DeVille: “Every dog as its day” (Victory Mixture) Sky Ranch P1990
09 Willy DeVille: “Hey Joe” (Backstreets of desire) FNAC Music P 1992
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10 Willy DeVille: “Stand by me” (Live) FNAC Music 1993
11 Willy DeVille: “New Orleans” (Live at Montreux 1994) Eagle P2009
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12 Willy DeVille: “Who shot the la la” (Big Easy Fantasy) New Rose P.1995
13 Willy DeVille: “White trash girl” (Loup Garou) East West P.1995
14 Willy DeVille: “Needles and pins” (Horse of a Different Color) EastWest P.1999
15 Willy DeVille: “Junker’s blues” (Acoustic Trio Live in Berlin) Eagle P.2002
16 Willy DeVille: “ Come a little bit closer” (Crow Jane Alley) Eagle P.2004
17 Willy DeVille: “The mountain of Manhattan” (Pistola) Eagle P.2008

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