mercredi 10 décembre 2008



Surfinbird part 1
Best of Blues 2008

01 Elvin Bishop: The blues roll on CD “The blues roll on” Delta groove music (Delta groove)
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02 Los Reyes de KO “God thing” CD “Live in Yorckschlosschen Berlin”
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03 Joe Louis Walker “ Rollin’ & Tumblin” CD “Witness to the blues” Dixiefrog
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04 Watermelon Slim “You’re the one I need” CD No paid holidays”
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05 Chris James & Patrick Rynn: “You’re gone” CD Stop and think about it (Earwig)
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06 Moreland & Arbuckle: “Never far behind” CD 1861 (Northblues)
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07 Donna Greene: “A girl’s gotta have a little pleasure” CD (Dixie blues records)
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08 Precious Bryan: “Fever” Music Maker Sister of the South (Dixiefrog)
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Surfinbird part 2
New cd and other stuff

09 Eddie Kirkland : “Good good day” CD Booty blues (Hedda) P 2005
10 Iko Iko:“An american dream” CD “Shine” Little Silver Record P 2000
11 Eric Ter: “Guitare blues” CD Chance (Bluesiac) P 2008
12 Bobby Dirninger: “I put a spell on you” (live) CD In the end (Mosaic) P2008
13 Chief Schabuttie Gillame: “no more doggin” CD Broadcasting the blues ! (SWMAF)
14 Billy Boy Arnold: “Shake your boogie” CD Broadcasting the blues! (SWMAF)
15 Jean Louis Mahjun: “cigarette blues”Tribute Yank Rachel (Yanksville) P 2008
16 Tim O’ Brien: “Texas Tony” Tribute to Yank Rachel (Yanksville) P 2008
17 Odetta: Santy Ano Odetta sing ballad and blues LP Tradition P 1957

mercredi 3 décembre 2008

SURFINBIRD 100% SOUL 03/12/08


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01 Sam Cooke: “A change is gonna come” Sp RCA 8486 N°9 R&B/N°31 Pop 01/1965
02 The Impressions: “Choice of colors” Sp Curtom 1943 N°1 R&B/N°21 pop 06/1969
03 Lee Dorsey: “Yes we can” Sp Polydor 14038 N°46 R&B 11/1970
04 James Brown: “The Funky President” Sp Polydor 14258 N°4 R&B/N°44 Pop 11/1974
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60’s -70’s SOUL DUO

05 Bob & Earl : “Harlem Shuffle” Sp Marc 104 N°44 R&B 12/1963
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06 Johnny & Jon: “Why did you leave me” Sp Jewel 776 P1966
07 James & Bobby Purrify: “I’m your puppet” Sp Bell 648 N°5 R&B/N°6 Pop 09/1966
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08 Sam & Bill:”Tryin’ to get back to my baby” Sp Decca 32200 P 1967
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09 Pic & Bill:”Sad world without you” Sp Smash 2132 P1967
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10 Lonnie & Floyd: “You got the feel it” Sp Jewel 781 P1967
11 Sam & Dave:”I thank you” Sp Stax 242 N°4 R&B/N°9 Pop 02/1968
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12 The Wallace Brothers: “Airbone shuffle” Sp Jewel 792 P1968
13 Maurice & Mac: “You left the water running” Sp Checker 1197 P1969
14 Mel & Tim: “Backfield emotion” Sp Bambo 107 N°3 R&B/N°10 ¨Pop 10/1969
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15 Eddie & Ernie: “It’s a beautiful world” P1971 US unissued Jayboy 58 UK
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16The Patterson Twins : “Got some problems” King 6407 P 1973
17 Ted & Little Johnny Taylor:”Walkin’ the floor” Sp Ronn 75 P 1973
18 Sam & Dave: “Hold on i’m comin” Stax 189 N°1 R&B/N° 21 Pop 04/1966
19 Bob & Earl: “It’s over” Mirwood 5517 N°26 R&B 07/1966
20 Mel & Tim : “Good guys only win in the movies” N°17 R&B/N°45 Pop 02/1970
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