lundi 6 juillet 2015

SURFINBIRD RARIO SHOW # 332 - Blues With A Feeling !

Surfinbird Radio Show # 332


LITTLE BOB BLUES BASTARDS: Sleepin' in A Car - Howlin' (Dixiefrog) 2015
NICO DUPORTAL: Big Mary's - Guitar player (Rhythm Bomb) 2015
CHUCK HIGGINS: Motorhead Baby 1952
THE MIKE HENDERSON BAND - Send You Back To Georgia - If You Think It's Hot Here
(Eller Soul) 2015
LAYLA ZOE: Yer Blues -Live At The Spirit of 66 (Cable Car) 2015
THOMAS FORD: Everybody Whant The Same - Shoulder To Cry On (Self) 2015
MAGIC BUCK: Blues Bootstomper - This Magic Will Buck You  (French Blue) 2015
ROBBEN FORD: Howlin' At The Moon - Into the Sun (Provogue) 2015
BIG DADDY WILSON: Time To Move  - Time (Dixiefrog) 2015
SEASICK STEVE: Sonic soul boogie - Sonic Soul Surfer (Hubcap Music) 2015
DELTA MOON: Afterglow - Low Down (Jumping Jack Records) 2015
JAMES HARMAN: Ain't It Crazy - Bonetime (Electro Fi) 2015
HARRISON KENNEDY: Friday Dream - This Is From Here (Dixiefrog) 2015
BETH HART: Better Than Home- Better Than Home (Provogue) 2015

samedi 4 juillet 2015

SURFINBIRD RADIO SHOW # 331 - T'es Rock Coco ?

BARBARA GREEN: Long Tall Sally (Atco) 1963
VIGON: Bama Lama Bama Loo  (Les Rockers) 1965

LITTLE RICHARD: Get Rich Quick  (RCA) 1952
WYNONIE HARRIS: Night Train King - 1952
BOBBY FULLER: Love Made A Fool Of You Mustang  -1966
DICK RIVERS: Not Fade Away  (RCA) 1971
TONY TRUANT & The FLESHTONES: Maman n'aime pas ma musique EP Allo Brooklyn, ici Montmartre (Poussinet) 2005
THE CRAMPS: Faster Pussycat  (New Rose) 1984

NIGHT ROCKERS: I Can Tell  (Golf Drouot) 1965
PAUL HARRIS GROUP: Look At Granny Run Run - LP Golf Drouot Spécial (Fontana) 1968
THE RHYTHM CHECKERS: Cause I Need You (AGD) 1966

THE MODS: All The Day - 1965 
LES SWIFTS: Shakin All Over (JBP) 1963

AU BONHEUR DES DAMES: Rock Hoquet -Halte Là (Philips)  1977
ADRIANO CELENTANO: Il Rebelle (Jolly) 1959
BILLY CRASH CRADDOCK: I Want That (Columbia) 1959
THE CADILLACS: Holly Smoke Baby (Josie) 1958
THE RE-VELS: False Alarm (Chess) 1958
FERRE GRIGNARD: Railroad Bill (Motors) 1971
LITTLE BOB: Master Of War (Dixiefrog) 2005
GONG: Garçon ou fille  (BYG) 1970