mercredi 30 novembre 2016

Surfinbird Radio Show # 393 Blues With A feeling !

BETH HART: Fire On The Floor - Fire On The Floor (Provogue)

DEB RYDER: Prisoner of War -Grit Grease & Tears (Bejeb)
MOUNTAIN MEN: Dog Eye - Black Market Flowers (Echo)

IMPERIAL CROWNS: Papa Lawd -The Calling (Dixiefrog)

JASON ELMORE: Maybe- Champagne Velvet (Underworld)
LAURENCE JONES: The Price I Pay - Take Me High (RUF)
BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO: Too Much Time -Lay Your Burden Down  2009

THE MARSHALS: I Gave My Vallet To The Poor - Les Courriers Session (Freemount)

THE FRANTIC ROCKERS: Shake Like This - Low Down Blues (Rhythm Bomb)

FRANK BANG: The Blues Don't Care -The Blues Don't Care (Blue Hoss)
PAUL PERSONNE:  Watchin The River Flow - Lost In Paris Blues Band (Verycord)
BRUCE KATZ BAND:Don't Feel So Good Today - Out From The Center (American Show Place)

vendredi 18 novembre 2016

Surfinbird Radio Show # 391 Blues Whith A Feeling

GRADY CHAMPION: Stone in My Path - One Of A Kind (Malaco)
DUKE ROBILLARD: Rain Keeps Falling - Blues Full Circle (Dixiefrog)
NICO DUPORTAL: Brand New Day - Dealing With My Blues (Dixiefrog)
HARD SWIMMIN' FISH: Mess Around - True Believer (Self)

JOE BONAMASSA: I Get Evil - Live At The Greek Theatre (Provogue)
JL FULKS: On Down TheRoad - EP
MANU LANVIN: Soul Revolution - Blues, Booze & Rock & Roll (Verycord)
                                                Manu Lanvin Blues Café 03/11/16
CATFISH: Landmarks -Dohyo (Trool's Production/Musicast)
BOBBY RUSH: Funk O' De Funk - Porcupine Meat (Rounder)
VANEESE THOMAS: Sweet Talk Me - The Long Journey Home (Segue)
JB LENOIR  Mojo Boogie 1960
SLIM HARPO - Cigarette 1959;
IMPERIAL CROWNS: The Calling - The Calling (Dixiefrog)
LUCKY PETERSON: Blues In My Blood - The Son Of A Bluesman (Jazzbook)

LIZ MANDEVILLE: River Of Blood - The Stars Motel (Blue Kitty)