mardi 27 décembre 2016

Surfinbird Radio Show # 395 Blues With A Feeling

BETH  HART: Jazz Man - Fire On The Floor (Provogue)
PAUL PERSONNE: Little Red Rooster - Lost In Paris Blues Band (Verycord)
EDDIE COTTON Jr: One On A Time - One On A Time (DeCharp)
                                 Chicago Blues Festival Vienne (F) Novembre 2016
GRADY CHAMPION: House Party  One Of A  Kind
DIUANA GREENLEAF: Walkin Down The Road - Trying To Hold On
                                                    Le Fil St Etienne Novembre 2016

LEVEE TOWN: Walkin Down The Road - Takin' & Givin' (Self)
CATFISH: No Reason - Dohyo (Troll's)
THE MARSHALS: Something To Hide - Les courriers Sessions (Freemount)
MOUNTAIN MEN:Go Round Again - Black Market Flowers (Echo)
IMPERIAL CROWNS; Question Mark - The Calling (Dixiefrog)
DAVE KELLER: Slow Train - Right Back Atcha (Tastee Tone)

THE RHYTHM EXPRESS: I' Can't Stand the Rain - Soul Explosion

MANU LANVIN: She Da Bomp -Blues Booze & Rock'n'Roll

HOUND DOG TAYLOR: Sitting Here Alone
NICO DUPORTAL: Soul Patch- Dealing With My Blues

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