mercredi 18 octobre 2017

Surfinbird Radio Show # 429 T'es Rock Coco


CARL MAN: Blueberry Hill   1959

BOBBY CHARLES: Four Winds 1960

SMILEY LEWIS: Big Mamou  1953 

TABBY THOMAS: Hmmm I Don't Care  1954
PHANTOMS: Shoobie Doobie Mama 1956
ARTHUR LEE MAYE & the CROWNS: Honey Honey 1956
KITTY, DAISY & LEWIS: It Ain't Your Business - The Third 2015

JOAKIM TINDERHOLT: Farmer John - Hold On  2017


MARCEL RIESCO: Shook Up 2015

THE WHISTLE BAIT: Cheek Flapper 2008

THE MARGRAVES: Searchin' For You 2017

WARREN STORM: Gotta Go Back To School 1961

MARVIN RAINWATER: I Dig You Baby  1958

ARTIE MALVIN: I Beg Of You 1958
RUSTY YORK: Shake' Em Up Baby 1957
MARY LANE: Ride In Your Automobile 1997

WAYNE COCHRAN: You can't Judge A Book By the Cover 1967

Dr FEELGOOD: Boom Boom 1975

THE DOGS: Train Kept A Rollin' 1982

THE BELFAST GYPSIES: Gloria's dreams 1967

FANCY GOODS: Gloria 1967


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